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Hubbard High School4

Hubbard, TX | Hill County

May 4, 2011

The poorly run school lacks focus on learning. Money is spent on sports, focus is on sports. Even saying this, the people hired to do the coaching are micro-managed by administration. If your child is not an athlete he will be ignored. If he is an athlete, hard work and team dedication don't count. The handful of talented students run the coaches. Sportsmanship lacks at every event, all you see is attutude and it's bad. If the school put as much effort into teaching (there are a handful of effective teachers who haven't left) they would have more support from the community. A new principal and superintendent would be necessary to gain the type of teaching staff these kids deserve.

Submitted by a parent

January 9, 2008

I used to go to this school, it was very small. It main focus was on sports. They were always fast-paced. I would say if your child is a fast pace learner and likes small schools send them here!

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